The meals will be prepared by the kitchen at the Farfurnia tourist farm. The Family Tabor canteen will be located in Farfurnia, in the upper area of the village (the same spot where most adult workshops will take place).

Vegetarian meals may be ordered, at the same price.

Please pay for your meals before you arrive, by June 10. It will help the kitchen arrange their work.


A full board voucher – the simplest, cheapest option. Highly recommended!

The full board includes all the meals from breakfast on July 3 till breakfast on July 9 (except the supper on July 8, which can be bought at the stands during the Traditional Fair):

payment before June 10:
PLN 240 for adults and children over 7
PLN 120 for children aged 2–7.

payment after June 10 (only in cash, during the registration at the beginning of the Tabor):

PLN 250 for adults and children over 7
PLN 125 for children aged 2–7.

Vouchers for meals served at the Traditional Fair on July 8 will be available for purchase during the registration at the beginning of the Tabor.

Individual meals ordered additionally or instead of the full board voucher (e.g. breakfast and lunch on July 2 or lunch on July 9):

Full daily board (breakfast, lunch, supper)

PLN 45 – for adults and children above 7,

PLN 22 – for children aged 2–7.

Individual meals ordered separately:

breakfast – PLN 12, lunch – PLN 34, supper – PLN 12 for adults and children above 7

breakfast – PLN 6, lunch – PLN 12, supper – PLN 6 – for children aged 2–7.


Payments can be made to the following account:
Farfurnia – Michał Kacprzyk, account no.: 71 2030 0045 1110 0000 0301 0580
Please order the meals by email: zawadka@farfurnia.com



Accommodation in Zawadka Rymanowska:

  • The Farfurnia tourist farm. Large suites with separate bathrooms. During the Family Tabor each suite is shared by two families.
  • The camp site in Zawadka Rymanowska, 200 m from the canteen and the sheltered dance floor, in a quiet spot by a stream, equipped with an outdoor shower and a portable toilet; the cost: PLN 5 per person. If you’re planning to bring a tent, please contact us by email: zawadka@farfurnia.com.
  • Private lodging in Zawadka Rymanowska; please contact Farfurnia for availability, tel. +48134330183.
  • A camping spot next to a homestead in Zawadka Rymanowska, with access to a bathroom; please contact Farfurnia for availability, tel. +48134330183.
  • A shared room with bunk beds (please bring your own sleeping bags) and a shared attic (please bring your own sleeping bags and foam mattresses) at the Cottage run by the Student Association of Mountain Guides – a charming wooden Lemko hut in Zawadka Rymanowska, about 3.5 km from the site of the workshops. The place is very friendly and has access to a kitchen with running water.
    The cost: PLN 10 per night.
    The Cottage site on fb
    Click here for a film about the cottage.
  • A camp site next to the Cottage run by the Student Association of Mountain Guides, located in the centre of Zawadka Rymanowska, by a stream, close to a car park, near the People’s House where the children’s workshops will take place; the cost: PLN 3 per person..


….Recommended accommodation in the vicinity of Zawadka Rymanowska:

  • Mszana: a tourist farm “U sołtyski” (one room available); tel. +48 601 737 347
  • Jaśliska: Zaścianek hostel, tel. +48 13 431 02 55
  • Chyrowa: “Pod Gruszą” tourist farm, tel. +48 13 433 03 30
  • Chyrowa: “Pod Chyrową” Andrzej Zatorski; tel. +48 13 433 05 60
  • Zyndranowa: tourist farm, Stefan Pilip, senator57@interia.eu, tel. +48 13 433 11