The Family Tabor is a summer school of tradition. This year we are meeting for the fourth time!

It is a week full of music, dance and craft workshops, lectures, meetings, shows and dances to traditional local music played live. Our project is based on the model of very popular European festivals (the biggest being Le Grand Bal de l’Europe in Gennetines, France), the Hungarian Táncház movement and the summer camps organised by the Polish Dance House association.

Our programme is addressed mostly at families: parents with infants, children, adolescents, grown-ups and the elderly. The Tabor aims to give parents an opportunity to practice traditional dance, singing and crafts, while their offspring are having fun and learning new skills in their workshops; and to give families a chance to experience something beautiful together. The Family Tabor offers various attractions for all age groups. Everyone will find something of interest here. The programme is enhanced by the fantastic location: a village that boasts original Lemko architecture, and amazingly beautiful landscape of the Lower Beskids.

Join us there!

The Karpatka association and the project’s initiator and coordinator
Agata Krawczyk


The location

The Family Tabor will take place in a village called Zawadka Rymanowska, near the town of Dukla in the Lower Beskids in southern Poland. Zawadka Rymanowska is one of the very few former Lemko villages with remnants of the traditional wooden architecture, which adds to the amazing charm of the place. Zawadka Rymanowska is a linear village located along a mountain valley over 6 kilometres. The camp’s activities will be organised in three locations, often simultaneously:

  • The People’s House (Dom Ludowy) in the centre of the village will be the location for the workshops for older children (5–12 years old), as well as for the Saturday fair of instruments, toys, crafts and for the final dance
  • The Farfurnia tourist farm, located in the upper area of the village will be the site of the opening reception on Sunday (July 2), most workshops for adults, and for young children (2–4 years old) with parents, as well as the afternoon dances. The meals will also be served there.
  • The square next to the church will serve as the site of the Traditional Fair and the final dance with live folk music.

How to find us

Zawadka Rymanowska is located off the road no. 19 to Barwinek. The signpost showing where to turn for “Zawadka Rym.” is located on this road, in Trzciana, 10 km south of Dukla. Follow the road to Zawadka Rymanowska, which stretches for 4 km, and then continue on the road, which heads towards the hamlet of Abramów, formerly the site of a state-owned farm. Before reaching Abramów, turn right and you will reach a hill slope, where the Farfurnia tourist farm is located – that’s where the heart of the Family Tabor is.

How to reach us by public transport:

Take a train, bus or minibus to Krosno, then a bus from Krosno to Trzciana. From Trzciana, a trip by minibus may be arranged (call +48 13 433 01 83).
Krosno may be reached by coach and private bus lines called Neobus and Miś. You may also take a train to Rzeszów, and then a bus from Rzeszów to Trzciana.


Important! Please note that dogs are not welcome in the vicinity of the “Farfurnia” tourist camp – some farm animals (such as sheep) panic when they see a dog, others (such as horses) may pose a danger to bolder dogs. Whichever the case, it could potentially be a lot of trouble both to the farm hosts and to dog owners. Also, take note of the fact that the farm premises will be full of children.